Academic System

Campus Culture :
The school is spread over an area of 2 acres of well developed land. It has 20 well equipped rooms wherein almost all facilities and amenities are available. Each floor comprises of staff rooms and separate wash rooms for boys and girls along with a water dispersing system mounted on each floor equipped with R.O. Each floor has four exit point. There are two lawns beautiful & awe inspiring.

Classes :

Smart class simplifies a complex topic with the help of very high quality animated content inside the Class room with the help of technology and making learning joyful and enjoyable experience for the student and also increases the understanding capabilities and retention power of the student as due to audio visual study both used on a same level and increases the concentration and understanding as compare to a normal chalk and talk method.

Examination Rules :
1. Children should reach the school in time during Examination.
2. Children should bring their own pencil, pen, ruler geometry box, colours etc. to avoid borrowing.
3. Except for the writing board or pencil box nothing would be allowed inside the examination room.
4. Talking is absolutely forbidden for the child once he/she has received answer sheet. Student can’t prompt, point or converse with one another. In case of doubt, the child should direct his queries to the invigilator present in the room.
5. In case the child is caught cheating, the Principal and management of the institution reserve the right of taking suitable action against the child. On serious issues or misbehaviour, the child can even be rusticated from the school.
6. The copies of the Half-yearly exam will be shown to the guardians.
7. In case the guardian wants to see the copies of the annual exam, an application for the same must be forwarded within 6 days of declaration of annual results.